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How To Improve Your Home with New Vinyl Windows and Increase The Home Look & Property Value

Windows add beauty and style to every home. Aside from aesthetics, windows also perform other essential functions. They play an important role in energy efficiency and help seal out air and moisture, keeping homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. In today’s post, Royal View Windows, one of the best window companies in Calgary, will discuss the things you should know about vinyl windows.

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How To Improve Your Home with New Vinyl Windows - Royal View Windows & Exteriors

What Are Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows are windows made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a plastic material that is sleek and durable. First developed in the 1970s, vinyl windows were made to compete against the more expensive wood windows.

Nowadays, vinyl windows are as popular and have roughly the same market share as their wooden counterparts. If you’re building a new home or your windows need replacement, vinyl windows for your Calgary home may serve as a viable option.

Advantages of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is one of the most popular options in today’s window market. But despite its popularity, some homeowners may have some questions about vinyl as a window material. So here, we will be providing more information about vinyl windows.


Vinyl windows have a sleek and modern appearance that makes them aesthetically suitable for most homes. They are primarily available in 2 colours: white and off-white. Dark colours are more uncommon and usually cost more. Vinyl is well-suited to modern homes and condominiums, which feature sleek or simple designs. It also matches well with white walls and furnishings.


Vinyl windows are energy-efficient. This is because they are designed to reduce heat transfer and control the amount of light that shines through the window. They can help regulate your home’s internal temperature, allowing the HVAC system to work less, which translates to energy savings. If your windows are broken, worn out, or leaky, it’s time to call a window replacement company in Calgary.


Manufacturers can mass produce vinyl windows with relatively low overhead. Hence, vinyl windows are considered the most cost-effective windows on the market today. One of the more affordable window options, vinyl windows are priced lower than their other counterparts.

You can get high-quality vinyl windows in Calgary while still adhering to your budget. Vinyl windows can save you money on energy bills because the insulation in the window frame itself is energy-efficient. Also, vinyl windows don’t require painting or scraping. So overall, vinyl windows provide excellent value for money. If you have any questions about vinyl windows, call your trusted window manufacturers in Calgary today.


Vinyl windows have the most impervious surface among all window types. They can generally withstand the effects of sunlight, snow, rain, wind, and debris. For the variable climates that Calgary residents experience, vinyl windows are the best options. Another reason why you should choose to install vinyl windows is that they are also resistant to dirt and stains.


Because their frames consist of hollow centers, vinyl windows absorb little heat. As they do not conduct heat, vinyl windows are preferable framing material for houses that experience varying weather during the year.

Furthermore, vinyl windows will help keep your living quarters quiet and comfortable. Professionally installed windows are tight enough that they can block out noise and limit your dependence on artificial heat and air conditioning.


Vinyl requires no protective overcoat and can easily be cleaned with a damp washcloth. Because of its smooth, sleek, non-porous surface, vinyl won’t stain. The fact that a vinyl surface doesn’t require painting also makes vinyl windows an ideal choice from a maintenance standpoint.


Vinyl windows are easy to install, partly due to the inherent flexibility of the material (allows for some degree of contraction and expansion). Skilled professionals can install vinyl windows more quickly compared to windows made from other materials.

New energy-efficient vinyl windows are beautiful and add charming style to the overall appearance of your home. They can make a dramatic difference to your home, regardless of whether you want to upgrade its appearance, have a spectacular view, or just want to replace worn units. If you’re planning a new house construction, vinyl windows are also one of your best options.

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