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The Little Handy Dandy Guide to Choosing Perfect Bathroom Window for Your Calgary Home

Installing new windows or refurbishing old windows across the home isn’t the trickiest of projects. You can take the DIY (Do It Yourself) approach if you’ve got the correct tools for the job and a bit of know-how about you. Maybe get a second pair of hands to help out for safekeeping. Alternatively, you can leave it to the window professionals to take care of as there are plenty of builders in every region that will take care of windows and doors on domestic properties with ease.

So, You Are Looking for Windows for Your Bathroom

There are, however, a few differences to consider when it comes to installing new windows in the bathroom area of the house. For starters, bathrooms are one area of any home that has to deal with higher moisture levels than anywhere else in the house. Higher levels of moisture mean there is a higher risk of damage caused by damp. Damage caused by damp can cause a whole variety of chaos leading to electrical faults and structural damages like rotting timber joists in the floors and ceilings. The bathroom area must be well ventilated to avoid such havoc, including the windows.

Perfect Bathroom Window for Your Calgary Home

Until architects and builders could diagnose the issues caused by damp and moisture in buildings, in the past, many windows and door frames were constructed of wood. Of course, most internal door frames are still made of timber, as it is a cheap and reliable product that builders have in abundance. But for the external frames, the change in weather has to be considered. And despite using solid timber that was well treated with particular varnishing, eventually, corrosion from wet weather and temperature changes would cause timber frames to split and rot away.

What Type of Window is Best for a Bathroom?

What Type of Window is Best for a Bathroom?

Now when you consider the bathroom, not only are these windows having to deal with the weather outside, but inside moisture is rising every time the bath, shower, or sink is running.

The solution?

UPVC and vinyl plastic framing is a much more viable alternative to wooden window frames.

Plastic doesn’t rot; unlike wood, it doesn’t rust like metal, and it is much easier to keep watertight to prevent moisture from outside breaking through. Any honest, reliable window installation expert will tell you that adding a vinyl trim for extra security is recommended when installing new bathroom windows. Trim acts like beading; although it may look decorative and add a nice finish to the frame, it actually adds further resistance to any moisture trying to break its way through.

Another key element that must be considered is whether or not the vinyl windows should be operable or not. Operable simply means that the windows can be opened. Alternate options to operable windows are to have fixed windows.

Fixed windows, of course, are cheaper, and people tend to have them installed in utility rooms or loft spaces to allow natural daylight to enter but remain solid and secure no matter.

When it comes to selecting the right frame for the bathroom windows, however, any expert would recommend you have operable windows installed. Operable windows allow for the moisture to escape with immediate effect and increase the bathroom area’s overall ventilation.

And of course, the bathroom in any domestic property is a place of privacy. The solution to retaining full privacy is to have frosted or picture windows installed.

If frosted or picture windows don’t seem all that appealing to you, there are other ways of maintaining full privacy in your bathroom and still having full translucent windows. And that is to have blinds installed.

Like any other room in the house with a window, blinds, shutters, and curtains are ideal for closing off any window opening. Of course, in a bathroom, you’re not going to have curtains installed, and the blinds you select should be ideal for any wet room.

Similarly to the window frames, to prevent rust, rot, and decay, any blinds or shutters installed should be constructed of plastic instead of wood or metal. Vinyl shutters and blinds are a popular choice for anyone looking to increase privacy and maintain clear glass windows in the bathroom.

The final thing that needs consideration is what style of window you would desire. Every home is different. Domestic properties come in a range of sizes, designs, and layouts. And with that, they have different features, including doors and windows. Windows, in particular, come in different designs with different functions and features. The different types of windows include transom windows, skylight windows, crank windows, slider windows, hopper windows, and shutter windows. Most of which are operable, allowing for the extra ventilation, some of these window styles can, however, be fitted fixed.

How Much Bathroom Windows Cost?

So how much should you expect to pay to have new bathroom windows fitted in the Calgary area?

Well, the answer to that question varies depending on several factors. First of all, the number of windows depends on the overall cost. Besides the windows’ size, the style and design of the windows should also be taken into consideration. The choice of frame will also be a determining factor in the project’s cost.

To give you a foundation understanding of the cost to purchase a basic A-rated made to measure UPVC window with frosted or tinted glass for privacy to suit the bathroom, you’re looking at around CA$140.

Installation costs will vary considerably depending on the company you choose. Depending on the features you decide to have can affect the overall price. Expect to pay upwards of CA$500 for slider and shutter windows with frosted glass and other features. Especially if you wish to pay for professional installation.

All reputable Calgary windows companies will offer a guarantee on their work for your own peace of mind. Call Us at 587-707-9257 and have the peace of mind knowing that one of the best Calgary windows company will be taking care of your project, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.