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Custom Windows for Homes and Businesses in Calgary

Occasionally one of our customers at Royal View Windows and Exteriors in Calgary asks whether they should purchase standard windows from our stock or consider custom windows. Our answer is typical, “it depends.” If a standard size and type of Calgary vinyl window is what you need, we always recommend that approach.


Standardized windows are produced in bulk and are less expensive per unit produced than a custom window. However, there are times and places where we will strongly recommend a custom window for your home or place of business in Calgary.

Custom Windows for Irregular Window Opening Size or Shape

If you are installing new windows as part of a remodeling project on an older home, you may discover that the old window openings are not the right size and shape for modern windows.


You will want to determine the cost of making those window openings larger or smaller, to fit a modern standard window. This factor has the potential to cancel out the cost benefits of standard window installation.


If you are remodeling a historic building constructed of Paskapoo sandstone after the 1886 Calgary fire, widening a window opening could be a chore of historic proportions!

Custom Grid Options

Custom Shape Windows

Design and Style Are Important

Again, if you are remodeling an older home in Calgary, you may wish to retain a pre-World War I Queen Anne Revival style while upgrading the energy efficiency of the home. What you do not want to do is lose the historic look and feel of a gorgeous old home by resizing window openings.


At RVW Ltd we will be happy to work with you in finding and installing the ideal custom windows for your project.

Custom Windows for a Better Fit and Greater Energy Efficiency

When you choose custom windows for your new home in Calgary or for a remodeling project, you will be able to optimize all aspects of the job.


Custom windows that we craft for your home and window openings will be the tightest and most secure fit for optimal energy efficiency. And, by choosing the idea design, your windows will be an elegant addition to your home.

Ask Us at Royal View Windows and Exteriors about Custom Windows

When you are considering custom windows instead of standard ones, we will come out to your home or office and take a look. As professional window contractors in Calgary, we can assess your needs, taking into account your design considerations as well as energy efficiency needs and requirements.


After a careful evaluation, we will be able to tell whether standard or custom windows are best for you. And, if preservation of design elements or other aspects are the most important for you, we will assist you in selecting the best custom windows to fit your budget.


For more information about custom windows and custom installations, RVW Ltd is the best choice for you in Calgary and throughout Alberta.

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