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Affordable Window Replacement For Seniors in Alberta

Alberta SHARP Program: Seniors Home Adaptation and Repair Program

Get Low-Interest Loan and Seniors Discount in Calgary

As people grow older, they become accustomed to living with a stable income. Due to limited resources, it can be difficult to pay for unexpected repairs and maintenance at home. Senior older adults in these situations may be eligible for various subsidies and home repair programs.

Affordable Window Replacement For Seniors in Alberta

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Housing Modification Help Seniors To Live Safely And Independently

Home repairs and modifications help seniors live in their homes as long as possible.


By making your older adult’s home safer and more accessible, you reduce the risk of falling, you prevent accidents, and you increase independence.


Also, home updates can reduce energy consumption, which lowers the energy bill.


The good news is that there are many financial tools available to help people get the necessary home adjustments.

Windows Replacement For Seniors in Alberta:

The cost of window replacement is an important factor in a homeowner’s decision on which windows to get and whether they can afford to replace it. The groups of people where this is especially true are the older adults. Fortunately, both the state and federal governments of Canada recognize the needs of the elderly and offer home renovation programs to help those in need.

Seniors Home Adaptation and Repair Program (SHARP)

One such program is the Seniors Home Adaptation and Repair Program (SHARP). Beginning July 1, 2016, SHARP is a senior home improvement program in Alberta that provides eligible individuals with low-interest loans of up to $ 40,000.


With the Senior Home Adaptation and Repair Program (SHARP), seniors can use their home equity to remain in their homes and maintain their independence. Eligible senior citizens can apply to the Government of Alberta for a loan with low interest to cover repairs, adjustments and renovations to their main residence.

SHARP intends to Help Seniors:

Examples of SHARP Projects:

You must provide a written cost estimate or receipts for all requested project funds.


Seniors can apply for retroactive financing. You will need to provide receipts for home repairs, adjustments or renovations completed and paid within 12 months before the date the SHARP staff receives your application package.

SHARP Loan Details

SHARP offers a maximum loan of up to $ 40,000 to senior citizens and senior couples in Alberta, with an annual gross income of less than $ 75,000 and a minimum of 25% home equity in your primary residence where the work is to be completed.


SHARP registers a caveat against the land title certificate to secure the loan received.


You can choose to repay the loan at any time, but it will automatically due if:

SHARP Interest Rates

The current interest rate for SHARP is 2.45%, which is reviewed and adjusted every six months in April and October. Simple interest costs begin on the date the program offers the loan and ends when the loan is repaid in full.

SHARP Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the SHARP program, you must:

With permission, income information is collected directly from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Highlights of the SHARP Loan

Few Facts You Need To Know About Sharp Loan Application

After signing a contract with a window company or home improvement contractor, you must complete a SHARP loan application. A copy of the contract is sent to SHARP along with the application. The standard time of application evaluation is 4-6 weeks. You must apply for SHARP within 45 days of signing with the contractor for the cancellation right to take effect. If you cancel your contract within 30 days of receiving notification of an ineligible program, you do not need to begin payment. The contractor has 15 days to return the money you paid to start work for home repairing.


Be aware, however, that this may extend the window swap project schedule. Window replacement projects take 4-6 weeks to manufacture and install. The company will not process the order until confirmation has been received from SHARP and adds another 4-6 weeks to your project. Typically, you may not install Windows for 10 to 12 weeks after signing the contract.

Windows Replacement Senior Discount

Many Alberta window companies offer senior discounts on replacement windows. These discounts range from 5 to 15% and usually apply to homeowners over the age of 65. Royal View Windows & Exteriors offers seniors a 5% discount in Calgary, Alberta, and we also have a generous windows and door referral program.

Choose a Trustworthy Window Company & Pay with Confidence

An area of concern for seniors is giving money to the company before work is completed. In Alberta, all businesses operating and collecting deposits in the state require a license. This license secures your deposit and is responsible for completing the project as described.


If you are interested in more information about applying for a SHARP loan:
Please call the Alberta Supports Contact Centre below.


Alberta Supports Contact Centre
Toll-free at 1-877-644-9992or 780-644-9992 in the Edmonton area
WEBSITE: https://www.alberta.ca/seniors-and-housing.aspx

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