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Elegant European Tilt and
Turn Windows for Your Calgary Home

The composite tilt and turn window is standard in homes in Germany and is now available in Calgary, courtesy of RVW Ltd.


Advantages of a European tilt and turn window are that its turn mechanism allows it to be used as an exit or even a fire escape. These windows offer efficient ventilation by forcing air toward the ceiling as it enters.


When the vinyl window is tilted open it does not need to be propped as the mechanism is designed for a fixed inward tilt. And, if the wind catches this window, it has an “anti-slamming” mechanism that prevents the window from closing. Rain is caught in drainage channels and does not drip into your home.

European Tilt and Turn Window

How Does a European Tilt and Turn Window Operate?

This innovative window design opens on two axes. The window tilts to provide ventilation and opens like a door to provide a means of egress such as when there is a fire.


The window is fixed or hinged at the base and tilts inward. Because these windows have a very sturdy design the window and mechanisms of opening offer superior security even when the window is left open. Because of the specially designed drainage channel at the base of the window, any rain that strikes the window drains down into the channel and onto your floor. This makes it a great option for replacement windows.

What Are the Benefits of a European Tilt and Turn Window?

Royal View Windows and Exteriors Has European Tilt and Turn Windows

Because we have done business in Calgary for many years, we know the needs of our clients, the kinds of windows that work well in the Alberta climate, and the various window designs that work well with any home or business.


European tilt and turn windows can be an excellent choice for your home or office in Calgary. 

Tilt and Turn Windows FAQ

Tilt-and-turn windows are about 50% more expensive than the regular vinyl windows. The main thing to consider when planning to purchase the tilt-and-turn windows is the volume of the order. These windows are shipped from overseas and the delivery cost is considerable. The more windows you will order –the less the delivery per window will be. Cost per average window will vary from $850 to $1450. Call (587) 707-9257 and talk to Calgary European tilt and turn windows experts about your next project.

Yes, they are about 50% more expensive than the regular vinyl windows, because the quality of these is beyond the highest standards and they are shipped from overseas.

No, tilt and turn windows open inside if a house.

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