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Calgary Business Storefronts

The storefront of your business in Calgary gives the first impression to your clients. You need it to look professional and built with high-quality materials that maintain their appearance over time. At Royal View Windows and Exteriors we supply and install commercial aluminum storefront systems. Aluminum windows and doors are robust, reliable, durable, and cost-effective. We suggest aluminum storefront windows for both new construction and remodeling.

Why Does Aluminum Work Well for Storefronts?

Aside from looking attractive on a storefront, Aluminum does not rust. It does corrode and will develop a coating of aluminum oxide. However, the color of aluminum oxide is powdery-white to a dull grey, so it looks pretty much like aluminum! And, aluminum oxide is a tough substance that protects the underlying aluminum from further corrosion. Thus, unlike iron and steel, aluminum does not develop flakes of rust that expose lower layers to more rust.


You can expect your aluminum storefront system to last more than two decades. They are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and low maintenance. Also, aluminum storefront windows are available in a wide variety of designs.

RVW Ltd Calgary Black Anodized Aluminum Windows Storefront
Aluminum Storefront Windows Are the Best Value for Your Dollar

Aluminum Storefront Window Durability

Aluminum does not expand and contract with temperature changes as do vinyl windows. This reduces the stress on seals. Because any aluminum corrosion produces a layer of aluminum oxide that protects against further corrosion, rusting and progressive weakening of the structure is not an issue as it can be with steel frames. Furthermore, you will never see mold building up and causing rot, as with a wooden window frames.

Flexible Aluminum Storefront Window Design

Depending on your unique requirements, aluminum windows can be customized with many finishes and colors. With an anodized finish, aluminum window frames can be clear and show the natural aluminum color or come in earth tones anywhere from light champagne to a dark black. Painted colors are also available and can come with a standard 8-year guarantee.

Ecologically Friendly Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are commonly made with a large percentage of recycled aluminum which doesn’t diminish material’s properties, unlike vinyl. This means that your aluminum storefront windows will have a smaller ecological “footprint” than wood or vinyl.

Aluminum Storefront Windows Are the Best Value for Your Dollar

When durability, flexibility, performance, and cost are all taken into consideration, we at RVW Ltd strongly suggest that you install aluminum windows for your Calgary business storefront.


For more information about storefront aluminum windows, contact us at RVW Ltd.