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Top of the Line Vinyl Casement Windows in Calgary

An attractive, popular, and highly functional window design is the casement window. A casement window is hinged on the side and opens outward using a crank, either to the left or right. Casement windows are commonly used for excellent top to bottom ventilation and lighting such as above the kitchen sink. But, a more modern approach is pairing them on both sides of a large plate glass window or a custom-designed architectural window. At RVW Ltd we can help you choose the most attractive, energy-efficient, and cost-effective vinyl windows for your home or office in Calgary.

Casement Windows

Attractive, Energy-efficient, Versatile Vinyl Casement Windows

Today’s vinyl casement windows are energy efficient for a cold Alberta winter as well as beautiful. They fit well into any architectural setting to provide elegance as well as functionality. A beveled exterior sash design allows for a slim window but the appearance of a larger glass area. Our vinyl casement windows will open with a right or left crank handle to 90 degrees for optimal ventilation on a warm summer day. And the same window will be double or triple-paned for energy efficiency and reduction of outside noises. These are very secure windows with top-notch locking systems.

Vinyl Casement Window Trim Options

The vinyl casement windows we offer at RVW Ltd come in a broad range of trim options. The finishes on these windows are attractive and when chosen correctly will complement the interior and exterior of your home. Made from durable materials these beautiful finishes will maintain their attractive colors for many years. From a wide range of wood stains, classic and contemporary rosettes, to custom colours for your unique setting, your windows will enhance the style of your home both inside and out.

Casement Window Glass Choices

A standard vinyl casement window has a double pane of clear class for optimal lighting combined with excellent outside noise reduction and better energy efficiency than a single pane window. But, it gets better with options such as Low-E glass designed to reduce home heating bills during a Calgary winter and optimally transmit natural light. When you really want to stay warm all winter and do so efficiently, triple glass vinyl casement windows from RVW Ltd are a great option. These windows can come with a Low-E coating as well!

Vinyl Casement Window Features and Options

Depending on where a casement window is located in your home, you may prefer the left or right-sided opening window. All vinyl casement windows come with a left or right-side crank control. An excellent option when you want the best view of the Canadian Rockies from your living room window is to preserve as much “viewing space” as possible with a large central window and then flank it on both sides with attractive vinyl casement windows for ventilation when desired.


Other nice options include fold-down crank handles, push-down screens, and a reinforcement bar. All of our vinyl casement windows at RVW Ltd can feature a sturdy multi-point lock for added security when the window is left open. The multi-chamber frames of our vinyl casement windows help reduce condensation and mildew build-up as well as reducing outside noises.


For vinyl casement windows to grace your home in Calgary or throughout Alberta at factory-direct pricing, come to RVW Ltd.

Call (587) 707-9257 and talk to our casement windows specialist today.

Casement Windows FAQ

The cost of a full frame replacement of a single casement window will depend on such specifications as size, color, glazing (triple or double, types and amount of coatings), type of grilles if any. On average for a white window with double glazing you will be looking at a price ranging from $522 to $923. Call (587) 707-9257 and talk to Calgary casement windows experts about your next project

Casement windows are slightly more expensive than the sliding windows and fixed windows. In general when you add the price of the installation, which doesn’t change depending on the style of the windows – you end up with a slight increase in the price. When dealing with projects with 5-40 windows Royal View Windows & Exteriors will charge the same amount whether you opt for all casement or all fixed windows. The main thing to keep in mind when choosing the styles of the windows is your comfort and our experience staff can provide valuable suggestions based on your preferences.

Casement windows are slightly more energy efficient than the sliding windows and slightly less energy efficient than the fixed windows. The exact difference will depend on a number of factors and is somewhat complicated to calculate, on average there is about 4% energy efficiency difference between casement and sliding window.

When deciding on which direction casement windows should open, you need to consider two factors. The first one is from which direction you get more wind from and the second one is how it will look from the outside when several windows are open at the same time on the same side of the house. Royal View Windows & Exteriors staff can help you decide on the direction your casement windows should open at a free initial consultation.

Yes, At Royal View Windows & Exteriors all casement come with an easy to remove spring loaded screen that is installed from the inside of the house.

Absolutely! In fact the most common bay window configuration is two casement windows on the sides and one fixed in the middle.

The bay windows have three section connected together, the bow windows usually have 5 and more sections connected together at a wider angle than the section in the bay window.

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We also offer commercial vinyl window replacements that are perfect for your office or business.