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Quality Window Glass Replacement & Repairs in Calgary

There are a few instances when windows glass replacement is a feasible option:

Whether it is a wooden, a metal, or a vinyl frame window, our professional installers can replace the sealed unit in it with an energy-efficient glass of your choice.

The installation process is usually quick, and average window glass replacement takes about an hour. The factors that will affect the cost are access to the window, size, and type of the new glazing you prefer.

Give us a call for a free estimate to replace the glass of your windows!

Window Glass Replacement
Image showing choices available for quality Replacement Windows in Calgary by RVW Ltd.

Glass replacement FAQ

It is more feasible sometimes to replace just the glass in the window frame and the average cost is lower than the cost of replacing the whole window. The average cost of glass replacement will vary based on the size and type of glass. The price for a double glass with LoE 180 or equivalent coating in an average size window will vary from $250 – $550. Call (587) 707-9257 and talk to Calgary windows experts about your next project.

Yes, it is required if the distance from the floor to the bottom edge of the glass is less than 12” and in number of other instances.