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French Doors Are an Attractive
Addition to Your Calgary Home

French doors are a great way to allow more light into a room. They are commonly used for access to a back yard or patio. And, if you ever wondered, French doors really did originally come from France. Back in the French Renaissance of the 17th-century people replaced small openings to balconies with pairs of full-sized double casement doors, each with four or eight glass panes called “lites.” The doors allow light into a room when closed and even more light plus great ventilation when both were opened. With French doors, Calgary homes have a functional and attractive addition. And, if you think the expression “French door” sounds like you are showing off, you may say patio door. But, remember that for patio doors Calgary homes may use sliding doors as well. For the best of all doors, Calgary homes use the services of Royal View Windows and Exteriors.

Image showing French Door for Garden Entrance in Calgary
Image showing French Door for your Calgary backyard

Attractive and Secure French Doors from Royal View Windows and Exteriors

In Calgary, French doors are commonly used to go from the house to the patio or yard. They need to be secure as well as attractive. While the multiple glass panes are great for allowing light into your home, they need to be resistant to breakage as well. At RVW Ltd we carry stylish and secure French doors Calgary homeowners can trust.


A French door typically has a handle, lock and any other necessary moving hardware on one of the doors. This is the door used to enter and return. The other door does not have moving hardware and is fixed in place by a latch or deadbolt apparatus at the top, bottom, or both. When you wish to let as much light in as possible and enjoy a warm summer day, both doors are opened. For optimal security, impact-rated, hurricane-grade glass panes will resist breakage from storms or burglars. Using French doors for exterior doors Calgary residents can choose from a variety of wood frames, they can also be made of fiberglass to better withstand the elements or metal for added security.

Royal View Windows and Exteriors Offers Many French Door Options

We carry a large number of French door styles materials in stock and are always pleased to work with you to create a customized look for your home in Calgary. Our goal is that you will be pleased the day we install your doors and will enjoy receiving compliments for years to come. For the top of the line door installation, Calgary homeowners only need to come to RVW Ltd.

Our Calgary Door Replacement team will be more than happy to assist you with choosing the right door for your home. You may also be interested in the other Calgary exterior doors that we offer:

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