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A Curtain Wall for Your Calgary Business

A common feature seen with large commercial buildings is a curtain wall. This is the outer covering of a building whose purpose is to protect against the rigors of an Alberta winter but not to provide structural support for the building. Because curtain walls do not need to support the weight of the building, they can be light-weight construction such as aluminum and glass. This reduces construction costs and also lets more natural light enter deeper into the building. Modern curtain wall design is air-tight and waterproof. The curtain wall transfers and disperses the force of the wind to the supporting structures of the building, which absorbs the tendency for the building to sway. At RVW Ltd in Calgary, we carry and install the frames and glass for curtain wall.

Curtain Wall

Features of Aluminium-Glass Curtain Wall

Unlike a typical storefront system, curtain wall extends over several floors and must be designed and installed taking into consideration building movement or sway, diversion of water, energy efficiency, and the forces of expansion on a warm Calgary summer day and the contraction experienced in the depths of an Alberta winter. When you install an aluminum curtain wall system, it will reduce lighting costs along with outside rooms due to the entry of natural lighting through floor-to-ceiling windows on every level. Although the bulk of a modern curtain wall will be glass, vents and operable windows can be part of such an installation as well.

Curtain Wall Help Stabilize Tall Buildings

The use of reinforced concrete columns and structural steel to provide interior support for buildings has allowed architects to create light-weight exterior walls. These walls do not bear the weight of the building, but they do help provide stability against strong winds and even earthquakes as they are designed to absorb and transfer the forces of the wind, or seismic forces, to increase building stability. They can also be energy efficient and significantly decrease both heating and cooling costs.

Curtain Wall Maintenance

The glass and aluminum in a curtain wall will last for years. However, at RVW Ltd we suggest maintenance every ten years. This simply consists of reapplying sealant compounds, repairing any chips and cracks, any other damage.


At RVW Ltd we are always pleased to answer any questions you may have about curtain walls for your Calgary business, the types of windows that can be installed in a curtain wall, and just how much it will cost. When you trust us with your glass and window repairs, new construction design, remodeling plans, and installation, you are putting your faith in a company that has served clients in Calgary for years. Contact us for any questions about the curtain wall or any window or door issue.