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The Best Window Glass Types for Your Home
or Business in Calgary

When you install new windows in your home, it can make a big difference based on what window glass types you use. When you come to Royal View Windows and Exteriors, you can trust that we will give you the best advice regarding vinyl window glass types for your home or business in Calgary.


Here is a short rundown of the types of window glass, the features of each, and how that type of glass is used.

low eglass
Privacy Glass
Triple Pane Windows

Float Glass for Windows

Float glass is the basis of all window glass. It is “floated” on the molten tin which process creates a large, thin panel of glass. This basic glass sheet is then cut and treated, upgraded and then set into a frame. Float glass is inexpensive, colorless, and the starting point for all window glass types.

Safety Laminated Glass

When safety laminated glass is broken, it stays in place. This window glass type is used in automobile windshields. It is made by fusing two or more panes of glass to inner layers of PVB which is polyvinyl butyral. This is done under very high pressure and heat to produce exceedingly strong safety laminated glass panels.

Types of Obscured Glass

As the name implies, this is glass that you cannot see through clearly. These window glass types may be frosted, coated, etched, or otherwise produced so that all you see is a vague outline on the other side.

These window glass types are made for shower doors, bathroom windows, and decorative entry doors as well. We can show you several options for obscured glass at RVW Ltd in Calgary.

Annealed Window Glass

As the glass cools from its molten state, it often cools unevenly, and areas of stress build up within the pane. These areas are points of weakness and can cause a window pane to break easily. The process of annealing prevents this from happening. Tempered glass is a step beyond annealed and is four times as strong.


Although annealed glass can be used for windows, the drawback is that when it does break the shards are large, strong, and very sharp! If you think that you would like annealed glass for your windows, talk to us at RVW Ltd first or all.

Tinted Glass Window Types

You may want to use these window glass types for aesthetic reasons or for privacy. Tinting a window also reduces the sunlight and heat that comes through a window. Tinting glass is also a way to increase protection from excessive ultraviolet light.


At RVW Ltd we install tinted glass in homes and businesses in Calgary for decorative panels, skylights, and outside windows when extra privacy is a concern.

Energy-Efficient Glass

When you want windows that are made of an Alberta winter, insulated glass is an excellent first choice. This is a set of two or three glass panels with argon gas in between. Low-E glass is also energy efficient because it reflects thermal radiation from the outside in the summer and back to the inside in the winter.

Glass Types FAQ

Triple glass indeed is better than the double glass. You can greatly increase the energy efficiency of the windows by adding an additional pane of glass. It also allows adding another LoE coating to the glass unit which will further increase the energy efficiency. The other two benefits are improved sound reduction and surface glass condensation.

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