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Sliding Patio Doors in Calgary - Replaced & Installed

Stylish & Space-Saving External Sliding Doors for Your Calgary Home

Sliding doors are an excellent option for porches, patios, bedroom, living rooms, and home offices. They have a modern look and are fantastic space-savers. With sliding patio doors, Calgary homes enjoy a whole host of benefits from excellent lighting and efficient use of space to energy efficiency in an Alberta winter.

Benefits of Exterior Sliding Patio Doors

Energy efficiency is a hallmark of sliding patio doors Calgary residents will obtain from Royal Windows and Exteriors. Double and triple pane glass, along with composite gaskets for excellent insulation, keep drafts, rain, and dust out of your home and save energy.


When open, a sliding door offers excellent ventilation without the opened door getting in the way on either the inside or outside. And, when closed the full-sized glass pane of a sliding door offers an excellent view from your home.


Shatterproof safety glass makes sliding doors safe and secure. At RVW Ltd we incorporate gaskets, aluminium seals, and fixed leaves as well as hook-over locking mechanisms to keep the door within its frame! With our patio doors, Calgary homeowners can also get engineered stiles for additional stability.


Because sliding doors open within their door frame, there is no door hinge and no need to make space for a door swinging into your home.


Folks in Calgary who love to let natural light enter their homes always love sliding doors with their full-sized glass panels.

Benefits of Exterior Sliding Patio Doors - Royal View Windows and Exteriors

Advanced Technology Makes Better Sliding Patio Doors for Calgary Homes

Today’s technologies offer vinyl sliding doors to fit the needs and style a modern Calgary home. Sliding door mechanisms are easy enough that a young child can operate them. When a sliding door opens onto a patio or back yard, it provides excellent lighting when closed and full ventilation when open. These advanced sliding window designs offer superior energy efficiency and top notch security.


Your vinyl sliding door is designed to last for a very long time! High-quality PVC stiles and rails protect against moisture problems, and the vinyl does not bow or decay as an older wooden frame might have. The use of a polyurethane core is an excellent insulating choice. And, of course, the better fit ensured by door installation Calgary residents receive from RVW Ltd guarantees outstanding energy efficiency during the winter in Alberta.

Choosing the Best External Sliding Patio Door for Your Calgary Home

When choosing sliding patio doors, Calgary residents are invited to ask us at RVW Ltd about endurance testing, commercial rating, frame thickness, and the degree of functionality appropriate for their home. We guarantee our work and the patio doors Calgary homeowners purchase from us.


We will be pleased to answer any questions about installation, and extra features such as double-braced aluminum reinforcement where needed. Contact us for any questions about sliding doors for your Calgary home.

Our Home Door Replacement team will be more than happy to assist you with choosing the right door for your home. You may also be interested in the other Calgary home doors that we offer: