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Premium Quality Vinyl Awning Windows in Calgary

A recent trend in home improvement is the awning window. For a look that is great both from the outside and inside your home or office in Calgary, take a look at our selection of vinyl awning windows. Premium awning windows will be a high-energy efficient addition to your residence or the workplace.


An awning window is hinged on the top and opens from the bottom, swinging outward. This feature provides for ventilation while protecting from rain. Awning windows can be placed high on a wall for privacy or are combined with a sizeable stationary window for a combination of sufficient ventilation along with a great view.

Awning Windows

Awning Windows Have Beauty and Functionality

Friends and family will first notice how attractive your new awning windows are. But there is a lot more. Made of strong and durable materials, our awning windows will stand the test of time and make you happy with your choice for years to come. The stylish look of these windows makes them an excellent design choice for any home or office building in Calgary or throughout Alberta. The awning window comes in several customized designs, but the primary feature is the top hinge and a simple crank that opens and closes the window. A screen covers the interior when the window is open.


Awning windows are easy to open and close, fit snugly, and are designed for top energy efficiency in a cold Alberta winter.  Vinyl awning windows installed in a home or office in Calgary will not only save money on heating but typically increase the resale value as well.


Maintenance is not a problem with awning windows as they open quite easily for cleaning. Without letting rain into the home, an awning window provides ventilation for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of the house where humidity can be an issue.

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Royal View Awning Windows for Your Home

Install energy-efficient, convenient awning windows in your home or office in Calgary and enjoy the convenience of natural ventilation without letting the elements inside. Although modern awning windows are exceptionally well insulated, they can be installed with an interior storm window as well for the worst of an Alberta winter. Such an installation can result in as much as a fifty percent reduction in winter heating bills!


For awning windows with an unobstructed view of the outside, an elegant look that complements your home in a variety of designs and colors, and the added advantage of providing ventilation to humid areas in your home, come to RVW Ltd. We carry a wide variety of awning window sizes, designs, and colors to provide you with the ideal choice of windows for your home or office, both for new construction and for renovation.


When you purchase vinyl awning windows from RVW Ltd, you get reliable products and services as well as factory-direct pricing.

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