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Single Slider Windows for Your Home in Calgary

The single slider window is the most affordable and practical window that we carry at RVW Ltd.


These windows have a fundamental design but come in many sophisticated styles and a high degree of energy efficiency.


The energy rating of single slider windows can be as high as 38 when insulted with krypton gas. With the smooth operation, one panel of the window slides open and shut while the other remains fixed in place. Because the sliding pane opens inward these single slider windows are easy to clean.


Our stock of single slider windows at RVW Ltd includes a wide range of colors, trims, and casing options.

Vinyl Single Slider Windows for Your Calgary Home

An excellent choice when installing a single slider window is to use one of the many options for vinyl trim interiors. The styles are versatile and refined and will look beautiful in any home.


These vinyl windows are produced with top-of-the-line materials to have a flawless finish that will retain its beauty year after year. Although the standard options for finishing vinyl single slider windows include a wood stain, at RVW Ltd we will be pleased to use a custom color, classic rosettes, or a contemporary look.

Seamless Installation of Your Single Slider Windows

To facilitate a trouble-free installation of your single slider windows and a perfect fit, Royal View Windows and Exteriors carries several jamb sizes as well as jamb extensions, corner blocks, and frame moldings. When we use an extremely durable PVC compound for finishing the finish will require no maintenance.


(Window jamb: the vertical part of the window frame)


For the exterior of the single slider window, an attractive and durable option is one of our brick molds made from the same PVC compound. This is not only a beautiful design that will complement your home, but it will retain its beauty for many years to come.

Single Slider Windows

Energy-Efficient Single Slider Windows for the Alberta Winter

Both the stationary and sliding panes of our single slider windows can be installed with multiple glass panels and air chambers for superior insulation and sound reduction as well. Add a low-E glass, and your energy efficiency gets even better!


We fit these windows snugly so that there is no air leakage when the window is closed.

Cleaning Your Single Slider Windows from Royal View Windows and Exteriors

When you ask us to install vinyl single slider windows in your home, the job of cleaning them is simple, easy and straightforward. You will occasionally want to clean with a mild detergent and water to maintain their new look.


These windows do not warp, blister, or crack. Vinyl single slider windows from RVW Ltd are an efficient, elegant, and economical choice for your home or office in Calgary.

Sliding Windows FAQ

You cannot for two reasons. The first one is the drainage holes on the windows are located in the bottom part of the frame, if you install a sliding window vertically – your drainage holes will be on the side which will prevent the proper drainage and will create problems in the long run. The second reason is that the sliding windows unlike the hung windows do not have springs in the frame that keep the operating sash in open position, so if you install it vertically – every time you will lift up the sash, it will slam down.

To properly estimate the cost of installing new windows in your home you need to consider several variables: amount and sizes of the windows, color, grilles if any, glazing and coatings, custom shaped windows if any, exterior and interior finishes. Based on this factors windows replacement for the same house can double in price. Thus the estimation has to be done by trained and experienced technical sales representative, who will be able to suggest the proper options for you. In general, the cost of replacing a single average size regular shape window will range from $450 to $850. Call (587) 707-9257 and talk to Calgary single slider windows experts about your next project

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We also offer Calgary vinyl windows for commercial properties that are perfect for your office or business.