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Farmhouse/Acreage Windows & Doors Calgary

Bring instant appeal and charm with beautiful farmhouse windows and doors

Farmhouse style is an interesting mix of old and new. Natural light, painted brick and ship lap are essential elements. The farmhouses are no longer limited to farms, but the defining elements of style-simplicity, natural light, reliability, apply to modern incarnations. Materials such as natural wood help add layers of texture and provide warmth and depth to space. Overall, farmhouse style is about gathering meaningful pieces that tell a story.

Royal View Windows, Doors & Exteriors Farmhouse/Acreage Windows and Doors

Farmhouses are often inherited for generations and contain ancient secrets and memories. Due to family tradition, all farms are unique and retain the charm of the era. Royal View Windows, Doors & Exteriors (RVW Ltd.) understands the importance of protecting these features when replacing farmhouse/acreage windows and doors in Calgary.

Farmhouse/Acreage Windows & Doors Calgary


Rundowns and damaged windows, both from outside and inside, can have a significant impact on the appearance and feel of a house. By simply replacing them with high-quality RVW Farmhouse Windows, you can’t only return the farmhouse to its original state but also feel the safety and warmth of the farmhouse in Calgary.

Farmhouse/Acreage Sash window

Traditional sash windows, installed in farmhouses are ideal for making a great first impression and are aesthetically pleasing.


Sash Windows can be adapted to properties to retain its unique characteristics by sliding vertically instead of opening outwards. Their symmetrical design ensures a consistent aesthetic while natural light enters your home.

Farmhouse/Acreage Custom window

Every farmhouse is different, and windows are no exception. Therefore, all windows are completely customized and made for home use. No matter how irregular the window opening is, the window will adjust to its size and scale correctly. We have vast knowledge and experience in manufacturing everything from curved windows to complex reading and glass beam designs. All products follow the same advanced production process. This means you can take advantage of advanced technologies such as security locks and double glazing without compromising your design.


Protect the charm of the farmhouse with RVW Farmhouse/Acreage Doors suitable for your property. Every door is important, from the entrance to the kitchen entrance. This is especially important when tracking family traditions.

Farmhouse/Acreage Entrance Door

Create that fascinating atmosphere with the impressive front door. Most importantly, the front door affects the way your farm looks.

Farmhouse/Acreage Exterior door

A stable door, or sometimes called barn doors, is synonymous with a farmhouse and is perfect for kitchens or utility rooms. Exterior doors are not only good looking but also very practical. The ability to open the entire door or only half the door allows light and air to enter the farmhouse without having to worry about small children and pets escaping.


But traditionally stable doors have been a nightmare to live with; drafts, rattles, leaks, and poor security are all part and parcel when owning one. With this in mind, our stable doors are designed to include a full-height integrated locking system, double weather seals, and are made of engineered timber to counter the movements that so commonly plague wooden doors.


Another type of door that the farmhouse can maintain and add is a pair of French doors. They can be customized to match the exterior of your home, so you can relax in your living room while looking out onto your garden and beyond.


All farmhouse doors and windows are of the highest quality, painted and stained to your preference and characteristics.

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