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Energy-Efficient Fixed Casement Windows for Your Calgary Home

There are places in your home or office where you wish to have windows to let in the light, enjoy the view, or both. A fixed casement window works for both purposes. It lets in the sunlight and enables you to see outside. Although standard casement windows have a crank that allows you to open the window, a fixed casement window does not open. These Calgary vinyl windows have the same frame as a regular casement window and may even come with a crank, in fact, but the crank is disabled, so it does not work.

Fixed Casement Windows versus Picture Windows

A fixed casement window is similar to a picture window, but they are not the same. A picture window has a sealed unit that is glazed directly into the window frame. The frame is narrow and “low profile” to maximize the glass surface and the unobstructed view. These windows are commonly customized to the interior and exterior of the home and maybe flanked by “operational” windows that provide ventilation. At Royal View Windows and Exteriors we carry and install picture windows, but they are not fixed casement windows.


Fixed casement windows are, like picture windows, “non-operational.” They are also designed to enjoy the outside view and let in the light. The difference is primarily the frame size of the window. Fixed casement windows have larger frames and are made to create a better match with the next operating windows. Many consider the “look” of a fixed casement window to be more “contemporary” than a traditional picture window.

Fixed Casement Windows

Where Fixed Casement Windows Are Useful

Many people prefer the look of a bay window design better than a single large picture window. Placing fixed casement windows side by side accomplishes this look. Fixed casement windows can also be used as the central feature of a line of casement windows with the end windows being standard “openable” casement windows.

Vinyl Fixed Casement Windows in Your Home in Calgary

A very popular, functional, and stylish window is a vinyl fixed casement window. These versatile windows fit into many spaces in a home and add an elegant look and feel to the house. Vinyl fixed casement windows can come with a beveled sash on the exterior which gives the appearance of a larger area of glass but is still attractively slim and complements the overall design of the home.


It is possible to consider the use of multiple planes for a traditional look of refined carpentry while it offers optimal daylight openings that ensure a clean and uncluttered appearance. Hence, there is an optimal balance of sash and light with elegantly contoured sashes.

Fixed Casement Windows for the Alberta Winter

At RVW Ltd we live and do business in Calgary and know the winters. Our fixed casement windows are designed to be energy efficient with multiple panes of glass. Our installations and windows replacement is secure, and the materials we use will provide you with a window that will do its job for many years to come.

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