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Picture Windows for Your Home in Calgary

A picture window will make an impressive style statement for your home in Calgary. A picture window can stand alone or be combined with side sliders, double-hung, or casement windows.


With a wide variety of available window designs, RVW Ltd can help you find the most suitable picture or frosted window of your dreams for either a new home or when remodeling.


We have many great picture windows in stock but are always pleased to customize for the best result for your home.


Our frosted or picture windows have state-of-the-art energy efficiency with internal chambers filled with inert gas, fusion welding on the corners, and many other features that enhance performance.

Picture Windows versus Fixed Casement Windows

A picture window is a stationary window. That is, the vinyl window does not open. This allows for better energy performance. Picture or frosted windows are rectangular and placed so that the homeowners can enjoy a beautiful view, typically from their living room.


A picture window may stand alone or be flanked by other windows. The flanking windows may also be stationary as well, such as with a fixed casement window, but often are a standard casement window able to open and allow for ventilation when desired.


Although a fixed casement window is also stationary and tends to be energy-efficient, these windows are smaller. Also, the frame of a fixed casement window is typically wider and heavier than that of a picture window. And, picture windows or more commonly customized than fixed casement windows.

Picture Windows

Picture Windows with Ventilation

We have picture windows in our homes to enjoy the beautiful views, hopefully of vistas like the Canadian Rockies. And, picture windows are great for letting light into your home. But, how do you get some ventilation when much of the wall is taken up by a picture window?


There are two options.


One is to simply flank the picture window with casement windows that you can crank open as desired.

The other option with a customized picture window installation is to have an air vent installed, typically just below the picture window. If you are not familiar with this idea, talk to us at RVW Ltd.

Find the Ideal Picture Window for Your Home in Calgary

There are lots of options when it comes to picture windows. At RVW Ltd we can help you with the ideal design and custom installation. Although the standard picture window is rectangular and broader than it is high. This may not be what you need with an “A-Frame” home and a very “tall” living area with a gorgeous view. We are always happy to help you come up with the best ideas that fit the lifestyle and home of your dreams.


Come to RVW Ltd for a wide range of sizes and shapes of picture windows from the very tradition to the contemporary totally unique. Our multi-chambered glass panels conserve energy, and our customized installations provide for a perfect energy-efficient fit.

Picture Window FAQ

The cost of a full frame replacement of a single picture window will depend on such specifications as size, color, glazing (triple or double, types and amount of coatings), type of grilles if any. On average for a white window with double glazing you will be looking at a price ranging from $469 to $837. Call (587) 707-9257 and talk to Calgary picture windows experts about your next project.

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