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What Does It Cost to Replace the Doors in My Calgary Home (or Business)?

You may have purchased an older home or location for your business in Calgary or you may have been there for a long time. In either case, there comes a time when you need to make a few upgrades. We know this very well at Royal View Windows & Exteriors because a question we get is, what does it cost to replace the door in my Calgary home (business)? The quick answer is, “not as much as you might think.” The longer answer has to do with how many doors you have, if you need to upgrade the security of your doors, and if you want to take advantage of newer designs and technologies. You can always call and ask for a free quote and we can come out to take a look. Or you can come in to see us at Suite 130-B, 1122 40 Ave. N.E., Calgary to look at a few examples.

Doors for Your Calgary Home or Business

At Royal View Windows & Exteriors, we have been in the business of installing and maintaining windows and doors since 1985. We carry a full stock of both exterior and interior doors and we can order or fabricate as you need. Our first concern is always that you get the right doors, properly installed, to fit the specific needs of your home or business. We will make sure that you are getting secure entry doors that complement the beauty of your home and are as secure as you need them to be. For businesses, we will help you choose secure and functional storefronts that are appropriate for your business. For interior doors, we can suggest very attractive designs that are functional and will fit your budget.

Calgary Home or Business Entry Doors

The entry doors Calgary homeowners and businesses install should be consistent with the style and design of the home or office. And, they need to meet the safety and security requirements of either location. We have been installing doors for a third of a century and can advise you about what will work the best for your situation. If you have a specific style and design idea, we are always pleased to work with you for an optimal end result. Our goal is to have your exterior doors last for decades, and are secure against intruders, and, when appropriate, have a bit of a “wow” factor as well! We will provide a free quote for the purchase and installation of the entry door for your home or business in Calgary.

French Doors for Your Calgary Home

French doors are an excellent way to brighten up a room with natural light. French doors are often used to give access to your patio (great patio doors) but can also be installed within the interior (awesome interior doors) of your home. These doors allow for excellent ventilation on a warm summer day and come with excellent protection against the cold of an Alberta winter. These doors are a nice, and inexpensive way to spruce up the look of your home and add to its resale value. Call us at (587) 707-9257 or click this link for a free quote for French doors.

Sliding Doors for a Calgary Home

For a home that endures cold Alberta winters, sliding doors are an excellent choice for energy efficiency as well as for allowing natural light into your home. These doors are also space-savers as they do not swing into a room but rather stay within their frame. When you install sliding doors, you don’t lose your view of your outside surroundings and you can expect your vinyl sliding doors to last for a long, long time. Contact us today for a free quote for sliding doors for your Calgary home.

Doors for Your Calgary Home or Business that Pay for Themselves

When you come to Royal View Windows & Exteriors in Calgary, we will help you choose the best doors for your home or business at the best price. Our price includes professional installation with warranties on both products and labor. When you replace your old doors with new ones, your home or business will not just look better. Any “door problems” that you were having will go away. Visitors to your home or office will be impressed, and you will have increased your resale value as well. With our professional installation of top-of-the-line doors and, if you wish, one of our maintenance and repair packages, you will save money over the long term so that your new doors for your Calgary home or business will help pay for themselves.


Did you know that RVW Ltd installs energy-efficient windows as well? Learn more about our Euro Windows, basement windows, and much more. Call (587) 707-9257 and talk to a windows and doors specialist today!