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An excellent Calgary vinyl window choice for both modern and historical older homes is to use single hung windows. With many trim options for both the inside and outside, single hung windows work well and display beautifully in any home setting.


The upper sash of single hung windows is stationary while it is the bottom sash that slides up and down.


There are two options for the lower “sliding” sash. The sash remains flush with the frame while it opens and closes. This is ideal for passageways, patios, and other areas where space is an issue. The other option is that the sliding pane tilts inward for better ventilation and for ease in cleaning both sides of the window.

Options and Benefits of Single Hung Windows

  • A single hung window whose lower sash slides merely up and down to provide ventilation is a great space-saver for hallways and corridors. This same window is simple in design and made to last for years without problems.
  • A nice feature for your single hung windows is a “constant-force” spiral coil. This assembly counter balances the weight of the sash allows for effortless and smooth movement.
  • For optimal security, single hung windows can be fitted with a heavy-duty steel cam lock. This easy-to-operate lock offers maximum safety in any setting.
  • For rainy days, single hung windows can come with an exterior drainage flap. This device only opens when there is water to drain!
  • For an absolutely secure fit, the sashes and frame of single hung windows at Royal View Windows and Exteriors are fusion welded and precision-mitered. The inseparable bond makes every joint sturdy and the frame absolutely stable. Excellent craftsmanship results in windows that last for a long, long time.
  • To keep flies and insects from creeping into the many chambers on a single hung window frame, these can be designed with an insect guard like a sponge to prevent the little critters from entering the cavities of the window and making themselves at home!
  • An option to improve energy-efficiency is to fill the cavities of your single hung vinyl windows with thermal foam. This helps keep the heat in your home during a cold Alberta winter and takes up space where unwelcome critters might have chosen to take up residence.

Single Hung Windows: the Most Popular at Royal View Windows and Exteriors

Far and away, the most popular windows we sell and install at RVW Ltd are single hung windows, both with the flush operation and a lower sash that tilts inward as well.


A single hung window might be considered to be a “budget-friendly” version of a standard double hung window. Because one pane is stationary, this improves energy efficiency and the useable lifetime of the window. And, with one fewer moving part, a single hung window simply costs less to manufacture.

Single Hung Windows

Vinyl Single Hung Windows in Calgary

At Royal View Windows and Exteriors we are proud of our selection of vinyl single hung windows. These products have frames and sashes that are fusion welded for “leak-free” operation, are very energy efficient and are available in a wide range of styles and colors to fit the design and style of your home.

Hung Windows FAQ

Really depends on what you prefer. In terms of energy efficiency – single hung window is better and it has a screen that covers only half of the window. The double hung window adds versatility since you can open either bottom or top sash.

Single hung windows are slightly cheaper than the double hung, but the difference is small and when you add the cost of installation that does not depend on the style of the window – you end up with a very slight increase. When dealing with projects with 5-40 windows Royal View Windows & Exteriors will charge the same amount whether you opt for all casement or all fixed windows. The main thing to keep in mind when choosing the styles of the windows is your comfort and our experience staff can provide valuable suggestions based on your preferences.

The cost of a full-frame window replacement of a single hung window will depend on such specifications as size, color, glazing (triple or double, types and amount of coatings), type of grilles if any. On average for a white window with double glazing you will be looking at a price ranging from $497 to $898. Call (587) 707-9257 and talk to Calgary single hung windows experts about your next project.

For any Window replacement in Calgary, you may also be interested in the other vinyl windows we offer, or view the other Hung & Slider Window: Single Slider Window.

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